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What is Catch My Sale ?

Catch My Sale is a web-based price and sale tracking service that will save you money and time. Catch My Sale will give you the ability to create a "Watchlist" for thousands of Internet online retailer websites and provide you with alerts when the products that you're watching go on sale.

We allow you to watch products from MANY websites, including:

And MANY more!

Easy to use watchlist

With the advanced table design, it has never been easier to keep tabs on the products that you're watching. With our interface you can easily search, filter and find the products that you're watching, and find them quick. With multiple searches, you can display only the data that you want to see, when you want to see it.


Register For An Account :

When you register for an account you will have the ability to create your very own Watchlist. We will alert you when one of your products goes on sale or comes back into stock. There are many other benefits by creating an account so don't delay and create one today. Let us Catch your sale today!

Product Watching

Catch My Sale will keep track of the products you want to purchase. We will determine when the product goes on sale and alert you based on your preferences.


Email alerts can be set-up to alert you when one of your products go on sale.

Text Message (SMS) alerts can also be setup.

Either Way you will be notified so you will ALWAYS "Catch Your Sale"!

Online Retailers

The goal of Catch My Sale is to keep you informed when products go on sale. With this goal, we strive to ensure that the configured and available online retailers are ever changing. We are always adding new stores to Catch My Sale everyday!