Frequently Asked Questions

Some things look a bit weird on the website, is that normal? :

No. But due to browser incompatibilities and limitations, some of the older browsers do not play nice with's modern layout and features. If things look strange, then upgrade (update) your browser and see if that helps. While the site does "work" in Internet Explorer, it is best viewed in FireFox, Google Chrome, or Safari. Please make any attempt to utilize those browsers to get the full features of the site.

Why don't the product details load or look correct when trying to add a product? :

There could be many reasons for this and we want to know when you encounter these issues. Please if you see any issues with details when adding a product, then click on the Bug icon on the page , and this will alert us of the issue and the details that you received. We will work hard to fix this to ensure that you can watch your desired products.

What if I want to add a product from a site that you don't already have? :

The short answer is "You cant". While we already have a list of retailers that we are currently working hard to add, we would like to know what retailers our users want us to add too! Just send us a message on the Contact Us page and we will get back with you as soon as possible with the time frame of adding your requested website.